When Ubisoft Uses Virtual Reality For Its Human Resources

Virtual reality is everywhere. To the point of becoming the new goose that lays the golden eggs of high tech. According to Idate Digiworld, the VR equipment and software market will be around 2.5 billion euros in 2016 but will grow to nearly 20 billion within four years. What to give ideas to some. All the giants of the consumer electronics sector have thrown themselves headlong into this business. While real-time and 360-degree immersion has found its first outlets in video games, many sectors are interested in this very promising new technology. Whether in the cinema (read “We tested the mk2 VR, this room dedicated to virtual reality”), real estate, tourism or health. And even human resources. Like Ubisoft, which is diversifying the use of VR headsets after having developed a very attractive title for players, Eagle Flight. The video game publisher offers this time not to gamers but to its future recruits an extraordinary journey … within its walls.

“The objective we had six months ago was born from an observation: our candidates told us ‘it’s great your environment’. We said to ourselves: ‘what could be better than immersing them in our premises via virtual reality’ ”, explains Antoine Bocage Marchand, human resources manager at Ubisoft France. The idea is relatively simple: to present the different professions of the group, which employs more than 6,000 people around the world, and to make their wealth known by offering an unprecedented projection.

Immersion in the house culture

The video game specialist has developed, with an external service provider -11th District-, a 5-minute video that allows you to walk around without its premises in Montreuil in total immersion. Virtual reality now appears to be the best way to “transcribe our corporate culture”, and to recruit the best.

Concretely, the potential candidate is welcomed by Camille, digital marketing manager, in the premises of the French subsidiary of Ubisoft. External communication, business analyst, product marketing, human resources and communication pole… The main services are reviewed. It is the turn of Damien, product manager, to present the diversification professions (development of derivative products from the group’s brands) but also commercial services, trade marketing, finance… This little visit goes well heard with a whole bunch of references to the stars of the house: rabbits, Assassin’s Creed, Watch Dogs, Splinter Cell … And wants to prove that at Ubi, “we are a box fun ».

“All the people you see in the image are Ubisoft employees. There is a real game of acting of the two presenters but we wanted it to remain real ”, specifies Antoine Bocage Marchand. This small video sequence will be able to be used for the next recruitment announcements, while waiting for the studios and other subsidiaries of the group to eventually take up the idea. “It’s a project that was born locally for France. When we have it pitched, I was told banco. We are pilots but our mission is not to duplicate this format throughout the group ”.

In the current context of open war with Vivendi, the shareholder with more than 25% accused of wanting to launch a creeping takeover bid, this communication tool is transformed into a weapon to prove once again that Ubisoft “is an innovative box that surfs on technology ”.