Ubisoft: Lemaire’s Message To Vivendi On The Attractiveness Of France

The Secretary of State received Thursday the annual barometer of video games in France from SNJV and Idate. The opportunity for Challenges to review Axelle Lemaire’s positions in an issue that has held the industry in suspense for over a year and to take stock of the attractiveness of France.

The honeymoon continues between Axelle Lemaire and the video game industry. The Secretary of State in charge of digital and innovation was in the premises of Amplitude Studios, Thursday, November 24, to receive from the hands of the National Video Game Union, its third annual barometer carried out with Idate, a very instructive on the economic situation of a sector which includes 1,000 companies. And during her speech, the Secretary of State welcomed the renewed vigor in an industry which until recently expressed its concerns about the fiscal attractiveness of rival countries, such as Canada, the United Kingdom. United or the United States.

France has corrected the situation in particular thanks to the reform of the Video game tax credit which has made it possible to lower the eligibility threshold. Axelle Lemaire also recalled that video game companies could count on the Participatory Advance Fund, regional aid, research tax credit, aid for young innovative companies. Not to mention the creation of writing aid.

A fiscal ground which makes France again an attractive destination, according to the SNJV which explains that France is part of the top three with Canada and the United States. “More and more foreign companies are watching with interest the evolutions of the CIJV”, explains Julien Villedieu, general delegate of the union. “This is a very strong signal sent to actors around the world,” said the Secretary of State.

Axelle Lemaire also welcomed the recognition of e-sport in France, in particular with the creation of the France e-sport association. So many signs in favor of the cause of video games.

Lemaire’s political message

But The Secretary of State also wanted to send a more political message. “I have the impression that we are slamming the door on those who will innovate tomorrow,” she said. Asked by Challenges, she added, declaring: “What I see is that conservative forces tend not to listen to young people. This is true in France, the United Kingdom and the United States. And this contributes to the mistrust of young people vis-à-vis politicians ”. And to blame the gap between the centers of interest of those in power and those of the younger generations. “What worries me is the ability of politicians to stay in touch with reality.” And in this area, there is a long way to go even if she considers that the debates are advancing. And to highlight these parliamentarians who are ready to defend another vision of video games.

This reality in the video game industry is also the Vivendi-Ubisoft case that has held the sector in suspense for over a year. The media group has been working for a few months to want to create a video game pole by having first taken control of Gameloft, and now targeting Ubisoft, the French champion, world number 3, which is struggling to preserve its independence. Asked about the subject by Challenges, the Secretary of State does not go there by four ways. “The State is no longer part of the capital since BPI France sold its shares. The future belongs to the shareholders. But the creative capacity and independence of production choices are essential factors in maintaining the attractiveness of the video game sector. Human capital is the main source is the main source of value in this context. We must be very vigilant to protect this creative force so that it continues to contribute to the strength of video games ”. According to the Secretary of State, the attractiveness of France depends on it, especially at a time when it is doing better. “This technological expertise, which is added to the imagination and creativity, makes the strength and the difference of the French fabric. You have to know how to play it. Let’s preserve our strengths ”. A barely veiled message addressed to Vincent Bolloré and Vivendi.

This is why Axelle Lemaire is popular with gamers. But will the industry have the same listening in the government after the presidential election of May 2017?