Super Mario On IPhone: Nintendo’s Bet On Mobile

Super Mario, Nintendo’s star character, is eagerly awaited by aficionados this Thursday on Apple’s application platform for iPhone and iPad. The Japanese video game pioneer has confirmed it will be uploaded shortly this Thursday, US time, in more than 150 countries.

Pokemon, Super Mario Run, NX console… Nintendo’s big comeback?

“Super Mario Run” is the first real game developed by Nintendo for smartphones and an exclusive first for the devices of the Cupertino company. Previously, Pokemon Go, the fun phenomenon of this year, had been designed by the American studio Niantic, Nintendo then contenting itself with a secondary role. And the Nintendo Miitomo app for smartphones, which went live last spring, was more of a fun social network than a game per se.

Strategic turning point for Nitendo

Announced in November by the character’s father, Shigeru Miyamoto, the arrival of the most famous mustached plumber in the world on Apple smartphones and tablets therefore marks the real strategic turning point for Nintendo, which has long been reluctant to the mobile games market, preferring to reserve its offers to its consoles. The application, designed in partnership with the Japanese company DeNA, will launch at an unspecified time. Those in a hurry can receive an alert warning them on their smartphone. Downloading a limited version will be free, but the full version will be paid, around 10 dollars, billed via the Apple store, a model that may put off some when we see the impressive number of non-paid games available for them. mobile.

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Of an estimated 200 million downloads by March, David Gibson of Macquarie Securities, quoted by Bloomberg News, believes only 10% will opt for the full version. “The followers of the brand will undoubtedly spend”, he judges, but what of the others.