Should You Fall For The Withings Home Connected Camera?

Welcome to the era of the 2.0 house for newbies. Connect sound home sweet home has become child’s play, as the offer of dedicated objects is abundant. Like the Withings Home, a surveillance camera equipped with environmental sensors to assess the quality of the air we breathe. A rather clever two-in-one product.

Once connected to the sector, the small camera of the French group specializing in smart devices connects to the smartphone or tablet, via the Wi-Fi network. And everything is then managed from its inseparable companion, thanks to a rudimentary but effective application.

Withings Home is nothing like Big Brother. With its totem aspect and its play of light to reassure children, it has everything to please. Even if, let’s face it, it makes it possible to satisfy the dark side that lies dormant in each of us: to monitor our home and those around us.

Yes, this device acts as a perfect snitch to know who is entering and leaving your home. History of course to reassure itself when traveling. We think first of all to guard against thieves. But why not check that the cleaning lady is doing her job well, or that the older child is not watching television instead of doing his homework?

A little Loft … and unhealthy

There is a side Loft, this famous reality TV show which made it possible to live 24 hours a day the tribulations of guinea pigs locked in a space fully monitored by cameras. We find this same unhealthy atmosphere to zieuter day and night, thanks to the infrared camera.

And precisely, the art of Withings is to show that its device goes beyond remote monitoring. He will reassure parents by turning into the perfect babyphone new generation. They will be able, for example, to enrich their photo gallery thanks to the snapshots of the infant taken with the 5 million pixel sensor during his sleep phases. A microphone also allows you to watch her crying, but also to talk to her.Best of all: he plays a little lullaby to help him fall asleep.

Another way to make this camera essential: its pollution sensor. It detects harmful particles trapped in its home. In the event of a high density of volatile organic compounds, the Withings Home gets angry all red and sends an alert to the smartphone. There is only one solution: open the windows.

The Withings Home is sold for 199 euros. The price will appear somewhat high to those who are anxious to preserve their privacy. They can be reassured that the small machine can be switched to off at any time. Preserve their privacy. They can be reassured that the small machine can be switched to off at any time.

WE love

-The design: the Withings Home is discreet and its design allows it to be integrated anywhere in your home without the feeling of having a camera in your living room.

-The baby monitor: this is a function that gives you a good conscience.

-The price: at 199 euros, the surveillance camera with indoor pollution sensor displays a reasonable price.

We like less

-The image: the quality of the video is frankly not optimal.

-The sound: we are very far from high resolution! Sometimes inaudible.

-Compatibility: this product only works with Apple devices… For the moment.