Should We Fall For The Toshiba Wi-Fi Hard Drive?

How about creating your own secure internal storage system? At a time when we are no longer talking about cloud services to deposit all of your data, here is a very practical solution to complete iCloud and other Google Drive. Nothing could be simpler: an external Wi-Fi hard drive and you’re good to go. Like the Toshiba Canvio AeroCast, a solution offering 1 TB of wireless storage. A good way to keep control of your files.

This small case measuring 12 x 8 centimeters is not very attractive at first glance. He displays a face of a silly and mean hard drive. And yet it has some under the hood, since it allows you to connect simultaneously with six different devices in the home: smartphones, tablets, PCs, Chromecast … under Apple, Android or Windows. All this while creating your own LAN (Local Area Network). No need to be connected to the Internet to access data.

But beware, this is not Plug and Play. Far from there. A quick tour of the PDF file of the manual will be essential for neophytes and false beginners who will want to connect the machine to the network and to the computer. Unless you are totally geek! But once the tedious installation has been carried out, your “internal” cloud opens its arms to you.

Two connection modes

You want to store photos taken during the day from a smartphone, watch a movie purchased online on your television, save your copies of data, listen to music … The hard drive is always accessible, wireless of course. There are two possible solutions: Bridge mode allows you to connect it to the Internet and access it via devices connected to the Canvio AeroCast; Station mode allows you to stay on a local network.

An ideal solution for those who struggle with the limited memory of their smartphone or tablet, for example. The device actually allows you to manually or automatically back up your phone’s data.

The iOS and Android compatible application serves as a key to managing the storage and sharing of images, videos, music or documents. The Toshiba also has an SD card reader to automatically retrieve photos taken with a digital camera. The precious pictures are saved automatically, as soon as the memory card is inserted. Finally, it has a USB 3.0 connection for optimal throughput via the computer. Added to this is an autonomy of five hours. And with its 260 grams, it turns into the perfect mobility companion.

Sold for 162 euros, the Toshiba Canvio AeroCast is reasonably priced compared to competitive solutions, for a very efficient backup and sharing system.

WE love :

Wireless sharing: this is a device that allows you to collect and distribute all of your files and documents.

The price: 162 euros, a competitive price.

We like less:

Installation: not easy to navigate to install the hard drive.

The interface: the application is sorely lacking in clarity.