Should We Fall For The Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook?

Dell can roll mechanics. With its XPS 13, the American computer giant is holding its Rolls-Royce. Here is a laptop that dazzles and comes to touch the big arms of the sector without blushing. Quite the contrary, since it even manages to spin off complexes to MacBook Air and other ZenBook from Asus.

This 13.3 inch laptop fits in an 11 inch form factor. A nice sleight of hand. To achieve such a result, the Texan group has managed to reduce the edges of its screen as much as possible in order to make it almost borderless. Only four millimeters, a technical feat! This allows the set to display minimalist dimensions (30.4 × 20 centimeters), and a competitive thickness (between 9 and 15 millimeters). The computer therefore offers very enviable measurements to become the perfect companion for the senior executive on the move. It fits without any problem in a satchel or satchel. And with a featherweight (1.18 and 1.26 kilograms for the touch model), it becomes easy to carry it around everywhere. Added to this is a sober but effective design, with an aluminum coating of the most beautiful effect for a very premium visual signature.

The essential touch screen

Under the hood, the machine reveals an internal coating in magnesium and carbon fiber which gives it a very comfortable texture to the touch, without showing any fingerprints. The keyboard and touchPad are a good size for writing and navigating the screen. Precisely, the latter displays a Full HD resolution (1,920 × 1,080 pixels) for the model tested. It can go up to 3,200 × 1,800 pixels for high-end models. The matt effect limits reflections, which is not negligible. Alas, you have to turn to the more expensive models to benefit from a touch screen, extremely practical with the Windows 8.1 interface. It’s quite frustrating to navigate only with the Touchpad, especially when you have become accustomed to touch …

The on-board power is reasonable, with an Intel Core i5 processor which can transform into a Core i7 for luxury models. It also benefits from 8 gigabytes of RAM. On the other hand, it will be necessary to be satisfied with 256 gigabytes of non-expandable storage (SSD), which is not huge. On the connectivity side, the laptop has two USB 3.0 ports, a mini-DisplayPort and a three-in-one SD card reader. The bare minimum.

The Dell XPS 13 shows 999 euros for the first model and climbs up to 1600 euros for the ultrapremium version with an optimal configuration. Do not hesitate to opt for a touch version, which starts at 1,400 euros. A big budget, of course, but in line with the competition.

WE love

-The design: with its aluminum casing, the XPS 13 throws it in. All that’s missing is the apple on the hood!

-The dimensions: a 13 inches which has the appearance of an 11 inches with a featherweight. Ideal for mobility.

We like less

-The screen: premium models must be targeted to benefit from a touch screen, essential with Windows 8.1.

-The configuration: the XPS 13 is not intended for fans of very power hungry video games.