How Eclypsia Thoroughly Tackles Video Games And Esports

Who are your video game channels aimed at?

Eclypsia broadcasts three channels: one on video games, two others on e-sport around League of Legends and of Fifa. Esports is an expression that starts from a comparison with traditional sports. Video games are becoming more professional, competitions take place all over the world, broadcast live… commentators, stars. Like L’Equipe TV, our media retransmits matches online with comments or deciphers current events in the field. Our audience is young, between 20 and 35 years old, mostly male, an audience sought after by advertisers.

According to a study, e-sport accounts for around 1% of the global video game market. Is your positioning a bet on the future?

It is a bet in a rapidly growing sector. Large media groups are interested in following a young audience that is no longer watching television, but on tablet or smartphone. It is good news that Vivendi or TF 1 are interested in video games, because healthy competition will allow us to innovate even more. We already represent a quarter of the French audience on the live video platform we use, Twitch, the Amazon tool. Our League of Legends channel is in the Top-10 of Twitch’s.

How is Eclypsia paid?

The business model includes several sources of income: web advertising, television advertising, subscribers, donations from viewers. This month, we are launching a merchant site where you can buy products, caps, t-shirts and a variety of utensils for playing video games. But we remain very confidential about our turnover.

According to FrenchWeb, Eclypsia raised 10 million euros at the end of 2015 and raised funds last spring. Where did you invest them?

We bought equipment and financed the move of our London office, where Eclypsia was founded, to Paris. The latest round allowed us to have two brand new studios in central Paris and a new website.

Why did you repatriate the company?

It was natural to come back to Paris, because our audience is French and the advertising agencies are also in our capital. Paris is a very dynamic city where there are many well-trained talents. Since this move, we have become a hub and all YouTubers participate in our shows.

Former senior executive of SFR, what did your experience in telecoms bring you?

Used to a very competitive world and knowledge of the media economy, because SFR is also a major audiovisual distributor. There is an upheaval in this sector. Eclypsia can broadcast three channels in the middle of Paris with almost zero costs. I wanted to experience this revolution. And put me on my own. In a start-up, you can make a decision one morning, implement it in the afternoon and see the results quickly. It’s stimulating.