HIGH TECH TEST: Should We Fall For The Freebox Mini 4K?

Definitely, Free likes to strike people. With the Revolution in particular, a box all in design, the Internet service provider broke with a gloomy universe. This device designed by Philippe Starck finally joined the useful to the pleasant. With the Mini 4K, the telecoms operator has succeeded in another sleight of hand, but this time by taking the opposite view of its previous operation.

Here is a box that is totally forgotten thanks to its Lilliputian dimensions. Gone are the days of extending TV space with a DVD player, a game console and a box stacked on top of each other like an infernal tower. Free’s new baby is only 11 x 18 centimeters. A black box with no wow effect. But a concentrate of connectivity to be discreetly placed near your screen.

Of course, the player does not work without the other box, the server, which gives access to telecommunications and the Internet. Another black box which knows, here again, to be forgotten, especially since it can be separated from its comrade thanks to the FreePlugs, for a relay via the sockets of the house with the CPL system (power line in line). However, the latter allows itself a touch of fantasy by borrowing the square time display, Made by Starck. Note: the Mini works with both ADSL and optical fiber.

OK Google !

But the big news comes from the operating system by joining the Android TV clan, Google’s operating system for the big screen. An interface that simplifies life. First of all because the owners of Android devices find themselves in a known universe, and then for the compatibility it provides. All you have to do is enter your Google account and you’re done. You have access to your music as well as your movies purchased from Google Play, regardless of the screen. Some will undoubtedly see it as an additional chain that binds them body and soul to the Mountain View giant! But, compared to previous systems, it is night and day.

To this is added a navigation by voice like OK Google. The remote control has been redesigned to respond to finger and voice. Another notable point, Google Cast, to broadcast certain content from the smartphone to the TV. Last but not least, the Freebox is 4K compatible. In a perfect world that assumes you have an Ultra High Definition TV and the program providers are streaming content in the same format, you will be able to fully enjoy it. Suffice to say that it will still be a little patient.

The Freebox Mini 4K is available with a subscription at 29.90 euros per month, the first price of the house. And therefore necessarily without FreePlugs (extra). But with some bugs at startup. Nobody is perfect.

WE love :

The size: finally a box that is discreet under the television.

Android TV: the interface offers very fluid navigation.

We like less:

Noise: The server fan is extremely loud.

Instability: the Freebox Mini 4K is not stingy with crashes. Do not hesitate to reset the player.