Dream Offices – Episode 9: Diving World Of Tanks Battlefields In Paris

The video game publisher Wargaming has chosen to open its European offices in France in 2011. Today 168 people work in Boulogne-Billancourt in particular on the biggest success of the Belarusian publisher: World of Tanks and its 110 million players around the world.

At the bottom of the Horizons Tower, designed by Jean Nouvel, it is impossible to imagine the presence of heaps of tanks in the open space or even of frantic players responsible for feeding a sprawling community. No, this district of Boulogne-Billancourt looks a priori to an office district, all that is most banal. Except that on the floor of Wargaming Europe, the gigantic logo displays the color. Then as soon as you pass your nose in the gigantic open-space where 168 people work, the atmosphere of a video game publisher appears. Lots of second degree, lots of improbable looks too. Very cosmopolitan with the 24 nationalities present where it is in English. Good humor seems real and allows you to indulge in a common passion: playing.

One exception to the open-space rule for everyone: the managing director of the European subsidiary has his own office. The video game studio chose to set up its European subsidiary in France, but it was only in 2015 that it invested its premises in Boulogne. A “wall of births” celebrates the newborns of company employees… some stamped 100% Wargaming Europe. The office space of each department is changed every 12 to 18 months “so that people can talk to each other”, explains Anne Sophie Buiret, HR Director of the company. In his office, in addition to the necessary administrative documents, there is a series of model tanks… as well as goodies from the video game company, including special watches engraved for each employee.

Trooper to General seniority badges

35 people were hired this year and according to the company’s statements the turnover is rather very low. Team building weekends are organized every year. And it is the directors and department heads who have to run the stands or the barbecues while the employees drink.

A badge is given to the employee in a military spirit to stick to the game: Trooper for one year of presence until general to celebrate 20 years in the company. And these badges are displayed by the employees on their desks… some exchanging on the black market a badge representing 5 years of presence for 5 badges of a year.

Employees’ chairs are solid and comfortable, like the chairs used by professional e-sports players. As astonishing as it may seem, the HRD encourages its employees… to play. As soon as they take a break, they play at their workstation with headphones on. And at lunchtime or in the evening, the FIFA tournaments where football games coexist with the productions of house games.

And when employees want to let off steam in real life, they can always, if they wish, stop by the gym at their disposal. Or go to a screening of WWII films organized by Wargaming at least once a quarter in the building’s auditorium. In short, an atmosphere and a golden job for the employees who run the online video game cash machine.


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